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by Dragonclaw Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:59 pm

    Evaluation Guide



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    Evaluation Guide

    Post  Dragonclaw on Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:59 pm

    A evaluation is the test you'll take to get your trainer rank. The test will go like this.

    Starting The Test
    To start a test. Simply find and contact a tester.


    Evaluation Part
    1. You'll take a small quiz on pokemon. (Identifying pokemon and their types)

    2. Then a quiz on pokemon battling. (Moves, type advantages)

    3. [Optional] If you have Pokemon Black or White, you'll battle with a evaluator. Note: You don't have to take this part, it'll just add to your chances of a high rank.[/i]

    Your results will look like this.

    Evaluation Battle Result
    Tactics: X/5
    Battle Style: X/10
    Team Format: X/5
    Attitude: X/2

    After that, the battle score will be added to the total questions correct out of the quizzes. Then it'll be made into a percentage.

    90% and up = 5 Star
    89% - 80% = 4 Star
    79% - 70% = 3 Star
    69% - 60% = 2 Star
    Under 59% = 1 Star

    Good luck with your test!

    It's evaluation time! ~Cilan, Unova Gym Leader

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